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About The Series



  • Explanation and example sentences for each language
  • Colourful and lively comic strips engage learners of all ages






Example words and phrases



  • 60 language items in each book
  • 2 to 3 books in each mini-series



Borrowed Words In Action

Vice versa, incognito, faux pas, en masse, facade, and more

Confusing Words In Action

Ensure-insure, critical-crucial, imply-infer,biannual-biennial, and more

More Confusing Words
In Action

Eminent-imminent, grisly-grizzly, peak-peek-pique, and more

Conversation In Action

Would you like to, what’s the matter, in my opinion, I prefer to, and more

More Conversation
In Action

I beg your pardon, can I give you a hand, can I speak to, and more

Grammar In Action

Nouns, adjectives, verbs and tenses, prepositions, sentences, and more

New Words In Action

YOLO, emo, hashtag, selfie, cake pop, muffin top, facepalm, and more

Phrasal Verbs In Action

Put on, join in, head for, take with, turn to, keep up, wipe out, and more

Phrases In Action

Just in time, a piece of cake, let go, stand a chance, up to date, and more

Prefixes and Suffixes

Anti-, omni-, mis-, dis-, -bia, -ship, -oid, -ine, and more

Proverbs In Action

All roads lead to Rome, it takes two to tango, seeing is believing, and more

More Proverbs In Action

Every cloud has a silver lining, rules are made to be broken, and more

Idioms In Action

Draw the line, get cold feet, hold the fort, once in a blue moon, and more

More Idioms In Action

Back to square one, full of beans, a king’s ransom, by the book, and more

Animal Idioms In Action

The rat race, a frog in your throat, the birds and the bees, a red herring, and more

Body Idioms In Action

By the skin of your teeth, get your hands dirty, in two minds, and more

Spoken Idioms In Action

A different ball game, a tall order, don’t hold your breath, and more

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